Music Video for Logan J Parker's song "The Moon Is Calling Your Name".

"What I love the most about this video is the fact that it can be interpreted on many different levels. Maybe it is just a visualization of the dream we hear about in the song? A dream about someone who may or may not even exist. It could also be seen as a love story between the main character and the Moon, the Moon being someone we all aspire to be. My favourite interpretation is the idea that we’re all blinded by what we are searching for. We often seek the answers outside, from different people and different places, and forget to look within. The Moon is calling us to reveal our true self and stop hiding behind a blindfold. That is when we finally wake up from the dream and life can truly begin. A nice little touch suggesting that is the Moon Tarot card which symbolises revealed secrets. Finally, I like to leave the viewers asking questions: who is the Moon, who is being called, who is dreaming, and what if we as spectators are all three?”

Visuals by Snezhana Peykova