“Recently I've been thinking about butterflies. Isn't it fascinating how they leave a whole life behind to be reborn as completely different creatures? So what if that applied to humans? A coffin could be a chrysalis. I find that concept very comforting for some reason. Because where would you look for someone who's never coming back? I found you in the butterflies flying in your garden. They came back to look after the flowers and the trees.
Metamorphosis is about those butterflies.
Metamorphosis is also about me.
Metamorphosis is the creative process of development of an emotion from the time of experiencing said emotion into an artwork.”

Metamorphosis explores the concept of life after death. Fuelled by the emotions experienced by losing a loved one, it is a visual response to the denial and the acceptance that come with grief.
The project uses various creative processes such as photography, scnaography, collage. The focus is on turning still imagery into moving image through animation, projections, experimental film, practical and digital effects.

Visuals by Snezhana Peykova
Sound Design by Daniel Ferrari